Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jacksonville Road Race Teamwork

Deb was on call this weekend, so I was left to my own devices.I did the Jacksonville Road Race.

We (Velobrew/ Pulte Homes) had 8 guys in the Cat IV race. We utilized our team,and it actually worked. We had a guy bridge up to a solo break on the third lap, and they stayed away to the end.

I helped my teammate get away by soft pedaling behind him when he jumped. Then we took turns going to the front, sitting on the front gradually slowing the pace. There was a big headwind on the back stretch, and nobody wanted to come around us and take the front until someone would evenually get frustrated with the slow pace.

At least one of the team chased any attacks, and we repeated the process of going to the front and controlling the pace, every time someone else tried to up the pace.Because we sucessfully covered every attack, I think other teams got discouraged from attacking,and by the last lap the pack was racing for third.

Unfortunately my teammate took second in the two up sprint, but a heck of a ride to stay away on a course that had a brutal headwind.I finished in the pack, but couldn't have had more fun if I was the one in the break.

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