Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We failed. We just weren't fast enough, and ended up falling out of the time limit. We did well up the climb to Mosquito Flat (22 miles to 10,500 feet above sea level).

We began to suffer on the climb to Pine Creek, and were definitely slower on the final climb.After 93 miles,10,700 vertical feet, and 8 hours of riding, it was painfully obvious that we couldn't finish the climb up South Lake (20.6 miles, to 9835 feet above sea level, with maximum grade of 17.5%) within the alotted time. With much sadness, we abandoned.


Anonymous said...

I have ridden up Mosquito Flat on my single several times. One of the most scenic climbs I can remember. I might give this thing a try next year but on my single. You gave it your best shot.

Psimet said...

Doh! No worries. Just means more riding and a concrete goal for later if desired.

debsters said...

I wondered how you two fared. Congrats on getting so far. I admire your courage in taking it on.

Gonna try it next year?

bob said...

I'd definitely like to try it again. I'm not sure Deb's up for it. It's a big time commitment.