Thursday, July 17, 2008

Caeser's Head

The plan from here is to make 3 weekend excursions to the Mountains to get as much climbing training as we can. The first trip was last weekend to Greenville South Carolina. Our daughter was going to the BMW Teen driving expereince. at the BMW Performance Center near Greenville, which gave us an excellent opportunity to go ride in the hills around Greenville.

We chose a loop starting at Table Rock State Park and going up to Caeser's Head, because it had longer sustained climbing than doing the US Pro championship loop up Paris Mountain.

The ride was supposed to be 55 miles, but with a little unintended off route excursion we got 63 miles and 6500 vertical feet.
The 6 mile climb up Caeser's Head is a good steady climb. My math indicates that it averages 6% grade, with a few spots being above that, but the climb never got brutally hard. But hey if it's good enough for Hincapie to train on, it has to be somewhat difficult right?
After we climbed Caeser's Head, we came upon a thunderstorm, and got dumped on for the next hour. Descending in a pouring rainstorm took some of the fun off the descents, but the Dura Ace brakes on the tandem worked fine, even in the wet conditions.
The day's ride was 35 miles, and 8,000 vertical feet short of one day of Everest Challenge. So progress, but still a long way to go.

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