Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tour de Forts Century

The progression we need to accomplish is 1) complete our first century together on the Tandem, 2) complete a hard century with lots of climbing, 3) complete back to back centuries on consecutive days, 4) complete hard back to back centuries on consecutive days 5) complete step 4, at race paace.

We had hoped to knock off step 1 at the end of April on The Tour de Forts Century. Tour de Forts is a century organized by the North Florida Bicycle Club running from Jacksonville through Amelia Island and back.It's mostly flat, but often subject to signifcant wind.

Given our setback in training it was clear we weren't ready for the 100miles, and elected the 75mile option. We started out with the fast guys, but after the first hour, with the pace in the mid to high 20's, we knew we didn't have 75 miles of that and dropped back to the second group.

Ended up completing 76 miles, with an average a little over 20mph. Our longest tandem ride to that date. Not where we had hoped to be by this point, and far from where we need to be, but progress nonetheless.

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