Monday, June 16, 2008


Despite being an overweight middle aged CatIV, living in Florida, where bridges are the climb du jour, I have a bad habit of signing up for Cycling events involving major amounts of climbing.

Given my obssessive compulsive tendencies, I need a goal to work toward, and picking a big race or event each season helps motivate me.

Last year, I did Everest Challenge in the Clydesdale division, finishing 3rd, simply because only 3 finished, (although I did manage a 2nd place finish on the first stage.)

EC was the hardest thing I've done on a bike. Going into this year, I thought I'd like to take another crack at it, this time lighter and in better shape. However, I wasn't sure I was sufficiently motivated to put in the work necessary for a race of EC's length again.

So I had the bright idea of asking my wife to do EC with me this year on a tandem. I really thought there was no way she would ever take me up on it. To my surprise, she agreed to do it.

Now we have to figure out how we're going to prepare to survive, finish within the time cut, and possibly win (if we're fortunate enough that no other tandem teams enter.)

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