Thursday, June 26, 2008

Starting Training.

When we commited to doing Everest challenge on the tandem, we knew we had a ton of work to get from our starting point to being prepared for EC.

I, Bob, at least had a decent base, having already logged a resonable number of miles and done a couple of early season races.

Deb, on the other hand, hadn't ridden with any regularity for a few years.

Also, I had done EC last year, and done a number of long events with climbing. ( Brasstown Bald Century, 1oth place 2005, 14th place 2007, L'Etape De Tour, Silver medal, for example.)

Conversely, Deb has never raced, and has never ridden a century. She has done some reasoably tough rides in the French Alps including climbing L'Alpe De Huez.

Together, we had never done more than 70 miles on the tandem. So it was of course a completely rational decision to sign up to do 2 100mile plus races on consecutive days with 29,000 feet of climbing.

First step was to start getting Deb some base miles. So we started doing some base endurance miles for her, gradually increasing her time on the bike for the first 3 weeks.

Also started working some drills for form. Fast pedal intervals (low gear,120 rpm) and one legged drills.

At the end of the 3rd week, also added muscle tension intervals. (Climbing in a big gear at 50-55 cadence.)

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