Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ordering the Robusta

There were no Co-Motion dealers in Jacksonville. So we had a few choices; work with a dealer in Inverness Florida, or Birmingham Al, order the bike direct from Co-Motion, or work through our local bike shop.

The dealer in Inverness didn't stock tandems, and didn't have any particular tandem expertise. The dealer in Birmingham specialized in tandems, but did not stock Robustas. We considered flying to Birmingham and test riding other Co-Motions, but decided that it wasn't worth the time or money to test ride a different bike from what we would be getting, and the difficulty of dealing with a dealer 6 hours away.

Our local bike shop Champion Cycles was very willing to work with Co-Motion. We could have bought the bike directly from Co-Motion presumably gotten a little lower price. However working through Champion, we had them to help with measuring in the ordering process, and doing the setup and adjustment once the bike was delivered.

We ordered the bike in February, and it was delivered in May, within the 10-12 week timeframe Co-Motion estimated for delivery.

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